8 Outdoor Activities For Fun & Fitness – Summer 2022 Edition

Getting outdoors has the potential to be a fulfilling and exciting endeavour during any season. However, it is during the heat of summer, amid clear blue skies, that outdoor activities can be best enjoyed. What’s more, is that many activities aren’t solely enjoyed for their fun or relaxation. A number are also pursued for the physical and mental health benefits they bring too.

Here are eight of the best activities for both fun and fitness, just in time for the sunny season!

Wild Camping

Knowing that you won’t have to brave a damp tent or struggle with igniting a fire during the rain, summertime is the ideal setting for wild camping. Less gear is required and families will have the time to get together and enjoy a peaceful, sunny experience together. Additionally, depending on the weight of your equipment and the distance you travel, camping is a superb way of staying in shape.

Rock Climbing

The UK has a number of fantastic outdoor rock climbing spots, whether you wish to scale the epic vertical landscapes of Scotland or climb the salty cliffs of Cornwall and Devon. Rock climbing is an excellent way to not only get closer to nature but also to develop great upper body and core strength too. Your physical ability will improve over time simultaneously allowing you to scale new and more challenging heights too.


Exploring the countryside, from forests to mountains, is both endlessly fulfilling and great for physical health. Hiking benefits strength, stamina, and even benefits lungs and mental health too. The activity is great for those finding their feet outdoors but can become more challenging later down the road and, promising you have the right gear, it can even offer an extreme experience, seeing individuals scale impressive steeps.

Trail Running

If you’re looking for a more exhilarating and high-impact outdoor workout, trail running might be for you. Test your stamina across some of the most beautiful trails the British countryside has to offer either to improve your personal best or to share an experience with others.


Exploring the lakes, rivers, and coasts of the UK is an amazing experience. Not only does it enable individuals to experience the adventure and tranquillity offered by bodies of water but it also allows them to paddle their way to fitness.

Tai Chi & Yoga

Improving physicality isn’t solely about strength. In fact, many seek to improve their fitness through meditation and flexibility. This is why Tai Chi and yoga remain popular practices. During the summer, many classes and groups will host sessions outdoors, making use of wonderful natural settings too.


For those wanting to enjoy their local park with friends and family, ultimate, also referred to as Frisbee, is a fun and highly physical activity for groups. Plus, with only the cost of a flying disk, it’s an affordable hobby to pick up.


Instead of seeking out a local pool, the summertime encourages swimmers to dip into oceans and lakes. Free of charge and an exciting way to explore new landscapes, swimming is a popular summer activity that can be enjoyed solo or with others.

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