What to check for before going on your ski holiday

Going on a ski holiday is an exciting adventure for all the family. However, with the amount of preparation that needs to be done to ensure you keep safe and have the best time possible, it can be a little daunting knowing where to start. Here are our top tips for what to check for before going on your ski holiday.

You have the right equipment

Of course, we all know that skiing requires some specialist equipment, but that means more than just a pair of skis and poles. You should also have appropriate clothing to keep you warm on the snowy hills as well as safety equipment like goggles and a helmet. These need to be the right size for you and top quality, so whether you choose to buy new or rent, have a plan in place to make sure this doesn’t become a problem when you get there. Check out this list to help you identify the essential bits of kit before you fly: https://welove2ski.com/beginner-skier-shopping-list

You can navigate the resort

You’ve chosen the best-looking resort, you’ve got your equipment, but do you know what to expect when you get there? Make sure you take a good look at a detailed map to ensure you can plan effectively how to get to the slopes via the lift network, as well as the routes that the trails take so you don’t get lost when you finish. Your best bet is probably the resort’s website, or you may find it easier to compare various resorts on websites such as Piste Pro. Check Piste Pro before you go to see how they layout their maps and discover useful bits of information for your stay.

The slopes match your skills

Maybe you’re a seasoned skier, or maybe this is your first time on the piste – either way, you want to be aiming for a slope grade that’s suitable for you. Have a look to see what difficulty the different slopes are on the map before you venture up to them so that you can more efficiently plan your day and get the most for your money. Once you’ve got some practice in, you’ll be ready to find the steeper or longer ones in no time. Again, you may want to check pistepro.com before you go, as they have information on slope grades at specific resorts so that you aren’t caught off guard.

Wherever you’re going on your ski holiday, always check before you travel to ensure a stress-free trip. After all, it’s the slopes that should have your heart racing, not the planning!

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