The Five Best Beaches In Cornwall For Stand-Up Paddleboarding

While Cornwall’s popularity in the summer is well-known, there is a growing fondness to visit the county during the winter period. This is certainly to be largely because of the landscape’s milder temperatures during the cold period but is also understood that many travel down during the festive period for the landscapes and local communities, as well as to enjoy the brilliant beaches during a quieter period.

Whether it is for sailing or swimming, the Cornish beaches remain relatively bustling throughout the year, even during winter, because of their natural qualities, such as reliable breaks, clean waters, and beautiful sands.

One of the most popular outdoor activity communities in the area, and those who remain fond of Cornwall, are the stand-up paddleboarders (SUP), who often rank the following Cornish beaches as some of the best in the UK for SUP adventures. For those interested in visiting, here are the destinations that remain most popular.

Porth Joke

This hidden beach is one of Cornwall’s most beautiful and well-preserved coves, being a celebration SUP destination for those willing to traverse the landscape to get there. Despite being only a few miles from Newquay, only those experienced paddleboarders who know of Porth Joke will venture to enjoy its sands, meaning it is relatively quiet through the year, being ideal for beginner and experienced paddleboarders alike. Just be sure to bring a paddleboard carry strap or inflatable paddleboard because it can be tricky to get there!

Lantic Bay

A large beach in south Cornwall, found near Polruan, is Lantic Bay. While it can be as difficult to access as Porth Joke, it is so celebrated by local and national paddleboarders alike that it is worth traversing the steeps to get there. The shore is large and has a number of smaller beaches tucked around the land’s edge, making it an ideal excursion for those who want to paddle out to enjoy a secluded picnic.


An immensely popular destination for many holidaymakers, the beaches of Perranporth are nonetheless celebrated, especially by surfers who revel in the reliable waves of the north Cornish coast. The more dramatic waters and increased population can make it a challenging location for SUP newcomers to find their feet, however, those who venture out during winter, when much of the summer tourism has dissipated, will get to enjoy the landscape to themselves.


Those who have visited Sennen Cove are likely to consider it one of Cornwall’s most idyllic and memorable vistas. It has everything a paddleboarder could want from a beach, from soft and clean sands to crystal clear open waters, as well as a beautiful landscape that serves as a backdrop to the wholly unforgettable scene.


Found in the heart of Falmouth and by far its most popular beach, Gyllyngvase is still a hotspot for the SUP community. In part, this is because of Falmouth’s thriving watersport scene but don’t let that detract from the beach’s quality. Gyllyngvase remains popular primarily because it is one of South Cornwall’s most beautiful waterfront environments.

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