6 Great Valentines Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Dinner and a movie isn’t the ideal date for everyone. In fact, many would much rather be outdoors and in nature, sharing their time together hiking or swimming. If this sounds like your partner and you’re looking to swap roses and chocolates for something much more appropriate for their sense of adventure, then we might just have the perfect Valentine’s gift for you.

Coffee For Two

No longer must those hiking and camping settle for instant coffee and those that want to share a delicious cup together when out in the wild have a great many options that can produce high-quality brews even in the middle of nowhere. Some will favour the decadence of a full espresso machine, one that can ‘grind on the go’, whereas others will find the simplicity of an Aeropress unrivalled for good reason.

Changing Robe

For those who swim together, the winter period can be somewhat challenging. Instead of allowing oneself to simply step out of the water and into the sunshine, returning to dry land can be something of an unpleasant hurdle.

With a changing robe, however, strolling to and from the water is made much easier, with individuals able to stay warm, dry themselves off, and even change clothing with discretion, making this an ideal gift for anyone who swims regularly.

Doggy Accessories

Bringing a four-legged friend along on an outdoor adventure is made easy with the right equipment, which is why presents for pets can be a great idea. Some will appreciate warming fleeces or waterproof jackets to ensure dogs can handle the same weather conditions as their owner, while others will prefer dog buoyancy aids or safety vests to ensure their pet remains safe even when sharing the adventure.


Sharing memories of adventures together is made even better when there are photographs to enjoy. Giving your partner a camera on Valentine’s Day can be just the thing to not only capture the magic of each trip together but also to preserve the memories for years to come.

Just be sure to consider what type of aesthetic will suit them. Some will want retro-chic instant photos for their notebook, while others will prefer a GoPro to capture the more extreme moments you share.


If you’re willing to spend a little more money, a smartwatch is a fantastic gift for outdoorsy people, with the potential to enhance each part of the journey. From tracking steps and GPS mapping, to bird call identifiers and heart rate monitors, these little gadgets go beyond entertainment and now include a number of safety features too.


From the Ramblers to the National Trust, a gift membership can open up a number of locations to individuals, allowing them to explore places they haven’t been before, as well as enjoy some of the more exclusive benefits.

If there is a particular location or activity that you think your partner might enjoy, then inquire about a potential membership and see what can be offered.

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