3 Cities In Virginia With Fascinating Histories

Virginia is an incredible state and is home to areas that have been lived in for thousands of years.  From the indigenous people who had called this area home for long before it got the name, Virginia, to the colonies, and eventually to the areas that surround the nation’s capital: this state has a lot going for it.

These are three cities in Virginia with an incredibly interesting history


Yorktown is the second oldest city on this list, established in 1691 to collect taxes and regulate trade on both imports and exports.  By the time the 17000s came, this city had become a major Virginian port and a large economic center for the country.  Sitting on the shores, it was able to offer countless docks, businesses, and homes to anyone who wanted to start a new life.

A fire in 1814 eventually destroyed this district, and much of the historic area is gone.  Since then, the rebuilt town has had a place in wars, battles, and the making of this country.


Nestled into the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke was created in the 1740s.  Named after the Roanoke Colony of the 1500s, this far less tumultuous town has never vanished.  Starting in the 1740s, 200 years after that colony vanished, this land was worked by Pennsylvanian settlers who wanted to enjoy the benefit of its location for buffalo, elk, and deer.  Throughout its life, this town has seen the growth and expansion of the railroad and even became a crossroads for it.

Roanoke didn’t become a full-fledged town until 1884 when its historic market started.

The most well-known piece of architecture here is the Roanoke Star, a 100-foot-high steel and concrete structure that’s illuminated at night.  This can be seen from 60 miles away in any direction and is often visited by those who want to see it at night.  This is an affordable and gorgeous place to live: with Roanoke houses for rent at very affordable rates!


Jamestown is one of the oldest cities in the country and the oldest city in Virginia.  Started in 1607 when Virginia Company settlers landed on Jamestown Island.  This island is sixty miles away from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and gave them security from other ships and navies that could have threatened them.

Declining help from and animosity towards local Powhatan people who are indigenous to the area turned deadly for this settlement.  Disease and famine were running amok, and droughts and long winters ensured they were quickly losing people.  Although they started one winter with 300 settlers, by the next spring, only 60 remained.

The town was abandoned momentarily and then brought back to its feet by supply ships and momentary peace with the Powhatan people.  This area has seen ups and downs in industry,

Virginia Is a Historic State

From the thousands of years that indigenous people have lived here to the colonies who struggled to get their start, this state has seen one of the most interesting histories in the country.  Consider visiting one of these cities soon!

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